Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Much Continues On This Hot Summer Day

Getting sleepy and tomorrow is another landmark day. So it seems. At 9:00 a.m., I'll present 'artful interventions' to the Civic Art Commission. I could do it without notes, I've said the same things so often of late. I still believe every word and can say each one with enthusiasm. But that happens tomorrow. Here's a little of what went on today. Easy early morning. Love those mornings in bed with a cat, a pen and a yellow tablet and the NYT. What I remember about the hours between 8:00 and 1:00 is that I ate steel cut oats with maple syrup and blueberries, reconfirmed appointments with two artists, took a shower and wandered about in the back garden taking photos.
Spent some time on the screen porch just thinking how pleasant it was even in the heat. There was a breeze this a.m. and the trees are filling out at last after their trial by wind with IKE.
Minutes before 1:00, I was on my way to UH Downtown for a Starbucks and a meeting with Floyd Newsum to talk about his intended piece for the new permit center. He took me over the bayou bridge to another UH building where his work on canvas is set into the wall. The wall itself becomes the frame. The idea may work very well for this project. Here's a photo of Buffalo Bayou from the bridge. One sees things so differently as a pedestrian. We should walk this city a lot more than we do.
Then I was off to Houston Arts Alliance where we set up the slide show for tomorrow morning, then to Joni's. Should I confess this very brief shopping detour where I found a couple of 'way-marked- down' cotton/linen unlined jackets that I can wear for all these meetings I go to on hot summer days. Got a phone call from Jeanne and she and the kids were in Discovery Park and had walked all the way down the many stair steps to the low tide beach below. In another six weeks, I'll be there with them.
Back home near 5:00 where I found Moises and friend ready to do garden work. Wonderful. Left them busy and met Dean Ruck at Fiesta Loma Linda where we talked about green building products and recycled materials and what might work for his piece in this project. Brought some of Loma Linda's green chicken enchiladas home. Too busy talking to eat.
Checked emails and Twitter and found tweets from a BlogHer acquaintance who's been touring in Turkey. She's been sending tweets from places like Hagia Sofia and the Spice Bazaar. Made me think about last year's magnificent trip.
Sally and I talk about taking another trip to Istanbul and how great it would be to rent an apartment and stay for a few weeks. Then there is that other trip to New Orleans with Kathie that gets scheduled and then gets postponed.
At the end of the month, I'm headed off to New York for the BlogHer conference. I'll visit Elita in Yonkers and Jinny Avery in Port Chester and then meet my sister in the city. Two summers ago, we shared a room in San Francisco for BlogHer. Always a huge learning curve at these conferences. Terrific breakout sessions. So much to know.
So off to bed. It was a good day. This weekend, I will write some more for the memoir group. We meet late Sunday afternoon. I am writing short vignettes and hope to string them together like beads. Each will relate to all the others, yet there won't be a continuous narrative. I think it will work.
Enough. Life is good, especially as that double espresso shot I drank mid-day at UH is still coursing through my veins. Maybe? No, I think it's wearing off. To bed. Now.
I have to say all those words again tomorrow with enthusiasm.


Kate said...

The days are full. Coffee definitely fills in the gaps with fuel.

Am looking forward to NYC!

Sharon said...

I enjoy reading about how your latest project is coming along. Your work makes a difference. At the end of a long day that must feel good.