Thursday, July 08, 2010

Free To Be: Entertaining Possibilities

Now here's a quote for living I just read on FaceBook: "(An) Opportunity Outlook (is) The ability to entertain a possibility without regard for resources currently controlled." Angela Blanchard, CEO of Neighborhood Centers, Inc. uses it to define a discussion she had with her board. When a group of folks can see a good idea and give it some life without immediately thinking about cost or budget, well, I'd say that's a very important thing to be able to do. All the time, in all parts of our lives.
One must dream and then, ratchet back if need be. Often, we don't need to curb our desires and good ideas. We can make them real if we can visualize them with others. Then it's just a lot of hard work manifesting that we see perfectly clearly in our heads or hearts, as the case may me.
I live much of my life in just this way, specifically in my current consulting work for the city's new permitting center. This week, I am working on budgets, staying within guidelines, yet always entertaining thoughts of just what will be the very best for the space - and the city - without, as the quote goes,' without regard for resources currently controlled.'
It's a freeing way in which to think. And I know, without doubt, that we will get where we want to be. The new space will sing.
Image at the top of this post is a piece by Metalab Studio, one of the proposed participants in this Houston Permitting Center endeavor.

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