Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ed Hardy Tote Bag

Well, we tried. We did out best. When leaving the Brooklyn Museum, Elita and I spotted a woman walking across the parking lot with child in tow and a fabulous metallic hobo bag on her shoulder. Shades of fuchsia, gold and hot pink. Elita rolled down the window shouting, "Hello. Hello. Where did you get that fabulous bag?"
"Century 21 near the World Trade Center."
"How long ago?"
"A few days ago."
That was enough for us to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and head for Century 21. Elita let me out of the car on Church Street and circled while I perused the handbag department. They had the bag in aqua, not near as crazy wonderful as the one on that woman's shoulder. A salesperson volunteered to search their extra stock in the basement when I said I'd buy two. But there were none left in fuchsia, orange and metallic wonderfulness. But I'm on to this designer now.
I left Century 21 with two sequined Ed Hardy totes, one for each of us. They are not what we lusted after, but they're not bad. Just perfect to carry around at BlogHer next week.


Kate said...

Very cool. Laura and I have been to Century 21! Great place to score prizes like your wonderful bags. As I recall Century 21 is very close to the site of the former World Trade Center.

Sounds like you're having a good time!

Chicken Underwear said...

It would have been quicker to just have jumped on the 2/3 train and left your care in Brooklyn.