Friday, July 30, 2010


Brooklyn. How can I have lived in New York (long ago) and not set foot in Brooklyn? I flew into LaGuardia today just after noon. Elita picked me up and we headed straight to Brooklyn, finding Flatbush Avenue and then the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. Yes, Caroline, the map app you installed on my iPhone worked beautifully.
I almost bought a book in the museums shop that describes 30 Brooklyn walking trips. Wouldn't it be lovely to trade houses with some one in Brooklyn for a month so I could hit those streets. Why the sudden fascination with Brooklyn? Well, because I keep reading about this borough in the New York Times. There was a long NYT piece comparing Central Park with Prospect Park, both designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. I long to walk through Prospect Park and make my own comparisons. I long to visit the new boutiques and wander along blocks of brownstones.
Elita and I spent the afternoon in the Brooklyn Museum and by heaven, we didn't even get to their renowned Egyptian collection. But we did see American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection.
And we did see Kiki Smith: Sojourn. What ephemeral strangeness. What's not to be drawn to?

And we saw Judy Chicago's Dinner Party which I hadn't seen that since its appearance in Houston's CAM some thirty years ago. Now I remember that the Dinner Party found a permanent home in the Brooklyn Museum. The piece is of its time, feminist history, but no longer shocking in its imagery.

We ate such imagery for dinner this evening. Elita prepared a Roman vegetable dish with squash blossoms, each blossom stuffed with an anchovy and then fried in batter. A small platter of deliciousness after a vodka martini. Hmmmm.

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