Monday, July 05, 2010

Breakfast Obfuscation

Caroline, I am using your Teatro ZinZanni platter A LOT these days. Seems just the right size for food that pulls itself together in a couple of frying pans. This morning, the platter held breakfast for three. We ate bacon slices and a half dozen eggs mixed with Leona's green chilies and smothered with mushrooms.
A sidebar about the chilies. Mary and Queta introduced me to these New Mexican green chilies from Restaurante de Chimayo years ago and every since, I've ordered them by the case. Not sure I'd know what scrambled eggs might taste like without them. This morning there was also spelt toast with Dundee marmalade and lots of blueberries and sliced apricots and Texas peaches.
And great conversation. Finally, the day was right and Kathie came over to visit. Much talk about nutrias at Hermann Park, of which I knew nothing. And more talk of that trip to New Orleans that she and I have scheduled and rescheduled for almost two years.
Well, there you have it. Time to get on with this day in which I will actually continue to clear 'piles' and throw things away. Things? 'Things' would be articles torn from newspapers and magazines with dates from several years ago. A mother lode of information I loved in that moment.
Cloudy again after brilliant early morning sun. Such is the last day of this long weekend.

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