Saturday, July 03, 2010

Artful Interventions and Storytelling

Well, there was no presentation at city hall on Thursday afternoon. Just hours before we were to set up, we learned that there were too many other pressing issues, calls, interruptions. Instead, our instructions were to deliver a presentation by email or memory stick by 3:00 on Friday, so it could be downloaded and viewed on paper.
Which, of course, meant that all the words that I meant to say - and which were not on the slides - had to be compressed and added to the images. And the change meant that there would be hand to shake, no eye contact, emphatic phrasing or any of the salesmanship I bring to a presentation.
This may be either good or bad news for the project. Good news if there is approval on high simply because there has been approval from those who've been following the process. Not so good news if the power of voice and demeanor might have made a difference.
Doris and I reworked the whole presentation which took another evening and a full day. At 3:00 p.m. in torrential rain, I took the memory stick to city hall and handed it over to be printed out. But the fact is when I looked at the thing again last night, the slides themselves still didn't tell the whole story about how artful interventions will interact with one another, how the city employees responded to the ideas and added some of their own, or the enthusiasm of the artists and the messages their interventions will carry.
The presentation looked pretty confusing to me. What will it look like to fresh eyes seeing it without the storytelling that might begin to make those artful interventions real? Make sense?

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