Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Molly Moon's Ice Cream Truck and On-line Marketing

Seattle's Molly Moon, good friend of my daughter Caroline, rolled out her new ice cream truck on that perfect sunny Saturday - that would be last Saturday and Mary B's birthday - and she 's now been touted on the local TV morning show. Here's the link. Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell and friends are there in front of her Wallingford shop eating the BEST artisanal ice cream we know about. Mary and I ran into Molly Moon just outside her new shop on Capital Hill as we were heading for Elliott Bay Bookstore right around the corner. She was taking the truck out for it's first run.
The interesting part of all of this is that businesses like hers are using Facebook and Twitter to let folks know in what neighborhoods they'll stop and give GPS data too. Or you can call in and ask that they come to your neighborhood. So, here's another example of repurposing that cell phone we carry. My girls tells me that more and more their cell phones connect them with their lives and friends, but not necessarily or ever with actual phone calls.

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