Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kids and Moving Day

Spent the day with Jeanne and the movers and then the kids when they returned from play date and kindergarten. All in all a very nice day, but I am tired. Love Jeanne and Dan's new house. The word for it is substantial. It feels solid and roomy and of course, Jeanne thinks they will live there forever.
I'd say they'd better live there for quite some time, because the movers had a huge assignment in getting the big couch inside the house and into the room of choice. Up over the deck and through the double glass doors. Removed a smaller door from its hinges, removed the four balls on the bottom of the couch and finally, that huge piece of furniture landed in its resting place. We organized Lauren's room while she was away and when she returned she spent some quiet time there, loving it. Hurray.
A group of Jeanne's friends arrived after 1:00 with Haagen Dazs popsicles - all for Jeanne. They inspected the house, approved and then our afternoon began. Jeanne unpacked in Kelan's room and Lauren and I spent time building tableaus, or she did, and I photographed her and them.
Warmed supper which a friend brought and everyone ate. They were all to meet Dan at T-ball practice at 6:00. There is the day.

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Sharon said...

"Many hands make light work." It must be wonderful to have family and friends to help with such an important event. The house looks like the kind of home where a family can grow up.