Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Good To Be 68

Quite a nice birthday. Filled with women friends and well wishers on Facebook. I kind of loved the Facebook birthday experience.
Also received another call from my Dad. Today he sang Happy Birthday to me (with an assist from my sister). How rare is it for a 68 year old woman to hear a 93 year old dad sing to her in a 'still good' tenor voice? I was happy and in tears at the same time.
I got some work done today too and took a two hour afternoon nap.
Went to lunch at Haven with Melissa, a dear high school friend who just happens to live in Houston right now. That would be fried and grilled okra that Melissa is eating. As usual, Haven has really good food. I loved the chilled zucchini and cilantro soup.
My brother John called to be sure I was doing something for supper. He said he'd found some frozen pistachis in his freezer that he'd fry if I wanted to come over. Lovely idea, but Sally had invited a very small group for supper.
Often a small group is sweeter than a larger gathering. The energy is different, the conversations don't jump as quickly from subject to subject, there is time for quieter, more meandering talk.
I was so very happy to see each of the women there. We had writers at the table this evening. Mary Jane just finished her new play, a musical she's been thinking about for a decade and now has written in six months. She's found a composer and is into the next step. She gave us a synopsis and sang through some lyrics. May this endeavor soar for her.
I am still longing for that trip to New Orleans with Kathie, freelance writer and former editor of Houston publications we read back in the day. Kathie and I will get to New Orleans and I'll see what she sees in that river city.
It's been weeks since I've talked with Irina. And what a stunning dress she wore tonight and she carried a brilliant orange plastic handbag. Somehow I did not get a photo of her and that most excellent garment and accessory.
Sally mixed Mexican, Greek and French dishes for dinner and called it fusion food. We called it tasty and went back for seconds. Sally and I go way back. Our kids were babies when we first knew we'd be good friends. She is almost always five steps ahead, intuiting things we haven't yet reached toward. Love the way her mind works. Sally has a book waiting to be reworked. Or maybe, there will be a new and different one?
So, on this birthday, I say good friends are gifts. Where would we all be without one another?Over our fusion food, we recounted how long we'd known one another. Mary Jane and Kathie met this evening for the first time, Irina and Mary Jane were meeting for a second time. Yet some friendships at that table go back forty plus years. Mary Jane and Sally taught school at Memorial before marriage and kids. They started the book club that brought a group of 12 of us together through those years filled with small children and PTAs and car pools. We read feminist tracts and novels and shared our lives as stay at home moms and then as women becoming lawyers, designers and writers.
When folks ask me why I am not moving to Seattle, I say that it's easy to fly there. But Houston is home because of all the intricate, overlapping relationships I share here. Here's to friends!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday!

Kate said...

Glad you Birthday was grand. This is how I'd like to celebrate my 68th Birthday; I'm always looking ahead to see how my sister "does it". You are my inspiration.