Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's Been Three Years Since I Left: Still Busy

Looking through old photos today and found these from three years ago. Here's my old office at the Greater East End Management District and here I am at work. Or at least you can see what sort of shoes I wore with linen slacks the spring before I left that office I loved for other adventures. Like producing Second Seating.
Now that I've meandered into 2007 blog posts, I see that I used these same photos when I wrote about my 'second to last day.'
My post on that 'second to last day' begins with, " I left the office at 8:00 tonight after making a first attempt at sorting through a few files - all in the hope of clearing my desk before this job of mine is over. Even by 8:00 p.m., I'd not made much headway." Sound familiar?
Elizabeth was here today to help me get the east wing of my house organized, or, to be more specific, to get on a path headed toward 'organized.' Back bedroom looks even worse now, but there is a plan and I see where I am headed. She is very good at pointing out the obvious and that is what I need, because most of the time I don't see the obvious. Meaning what exactly does one do with 'stuff'? I usually have no idea. It is a mystery.
Tonight, I looked at a saved stack of magazines and couldn't get rid of a one. I wanted to reread them all. Perhaps I need never buy a new magazine. Instead, I'll pull out a vintage issue? Enough. I am off to bed. Breakfast with friends in the morning, then business calls for my new consulting job (more about that soon - and it'll have it's own blog too), then errands and then a meeting at 4:30 out on Post Oak Blvd. So a full day.

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