Monday, June 07, 2010

Gorgeous Up There in the Wild Blue Yonder

Beautiful trip from Seattle to Houston today. Passed right by Mount Hood and it was stunning. The Rocky Mountains were stunning. I felt at one point as if I were seeing the very curve of the earth.
Then came the descent into Houston. Check out that Houston subdivision that doesn't look quite real. Cardboard cutouts? Who lives there and how much does it cost to live on one of these streets?
I saw miles and miles of subdivisions as we crossed over the northern part of Harris County. Lots of cul de sacs. Lots of swimming pools. Lots of land with roads, but no homes yet.
The Houston Area 2010 Survey says that as many as 41% of folks in this city now favor living 'in town' n an urban setting within walking distance of shops and workplaces, rather than in a big house with a big yard out in the middle of suburbia. That is a huge and growing percentage. So I guess the other 59% must be living in those houses down there.

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Kate said...

Gorgeous views of mountains from on high today. Lovely.