Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Places Public Beaches Off Limits to Media

Of course, BP took over Grand Isle's public beaches. Of course, they did and hired buys in light blue skirts and baseball caps to tell the media, and perhaps the public, that the public beaches are off limits. BP certainly doesn't want media seeing the sights, freely talking with clean-up workers, getting a fuller picture of just what's happening or NOT happening.
It's just as I thought after getting into Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine, the premise of which is, "Take over and own what you desire after a natural or man made disaster when the populace is still in shock and discombobulated."
What a book to be reading as BP's oil continues to belch into the Gulf of Mexico. I posit that none of us will ever see or walk those southern gulf coast beaches again. BP will 'own' them and will continue to drill in the gulf until there is nothing left.
So, when are we going to make a personal effort to cut back our gasoline usage?

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