Monday, May 31, 2010

R & R: Looking at Books

Went specifically to Anthropologie in University Village yesterday after leaving Mom and Dad. Weeks ago, I'd seen a book at one of their stores in Houston that I liked and had tried to avoid buying. But, after doing the right and expected thing all day, that particular book seemed like a reward of sorts. So off I went. I found it: "Etc" by Sibella Court and yes, the book is quite nice. Very nice indeed, but I escaped without buying it. Largely because I know instinctively that the books in my head that will become real someday may look a bit like "Etc", but will be even more interesting. To me, at least. So, sale averted.
I have to say there is almost nothing I like better than sitting on the floor of a book store turning the pages of coffee table books on design, homes, fashion, cooking, travel, photography, art, graffiti. All totally visual, all feed the mind and the soul. Here were a few pages from yesterday.
Below is the cover of "Domicilium Decoratus", another book that caught my eye and which I did not buy. The book is awash in elaborate interiors filled with collections of every sort and every now and then a woman in these fanciful spaces appears bedecked in a fabulous ball gown. So many fantasies do these images engender.
I am loving these yellow velvet upholstered chairs. Yes?
I also love this woman knitting among pillows with a cat by her side. And what a lovely dress in which to work. This book was a total fantasy, except for perhaps the few folks who live in the homes created by this interior designer. I wonder if her clients ever lean over their industrial stove tops to press a spatula on to a grilled cheese sandwich while wearing a coordinating ball gown?

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