Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's All About a Red Dress

Funny how the Universe offers up gifts if one is willing to free associate. I was running through my emails this morning and clicked on Five Star Friday. First a quote from Edith Wharton which was a good start and then a quote from The Bloggess, she, who is often outrageous and very funny. The Bloggess writes about the joy of owning, truly owning a red dress. Which means, of course, owning and honoring oneself. You can read about The Bloggess's red dress here.
A red dress is a showcase for one's true self. Wear the red dress and tell the world exactly who you are. Proud, independent, gorgeous, self-reliant, passionate, beautiful, wise, strategic, sexy, funny and wondrous in that red dress.
My sister once wrote about her red dress and she imbued it with strong and unique powers. It was far more than a garment. It was a declaration. Kate wrote a wonder-filled essay about her red dress which I cannot locate or I'd link to it. (Kate, where is that sublime piece of writing?)
What I can share right now is what my sister Kate writes about her red dress after she's read Kim Addonizio's poem "What Do Women Want?"
Well, what do you think they want? Woman want a red dress. They want themselves. Pretty basic, isn't it?
And there is my daughter Jeanne in her red prom dress. She got herself into it when she returned to Houston for a 20 year high school reunion. Jeanne is still fabulous in her red dress.

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Kate said...

I covet Jeanne's red dress.