Monday, May 31, 2010

Blue Skies in Discovery Park

At last, the sun came out and we have blue skies, make that Texas blue skies with big puffy clouds. Made for a great walk in the park after 6:00 this evening. After four hours with Mom and Dad, which actually was pleasant this afternoon. Mom was not anxious and I assiduously recorded her conversation with Dad and me. What I will find on rereading I do not know but I had to 'get it down.' Then we had licorice tea for the third day in a row. Seems to entertain and calm her for almost an hour. I recommend it become a daily occurrence in the late afternoon. Then we watched 'Everybody Loves Raymond' which makes them both laugh. I"ve almost finished crocheting this new piece and it's about ready for a hot wash. We'll see what it's like felted.
I left Mom and Dad at 6:00 and made a beeline for Discovery Park. That low western sun back lit everything. Beautiful, breezy and warmish.
So, here's to sunshine and blue skies and all together a good day.


Sharon said...

There was good weather today on both sides of the continent. When I visit Seattle, and someday I will, I definitely want to take a walk in Discovery Park.

Kate said...

Love Discovery Park...always something wonderful there.